While I started The Itinerant Mind with the purpose of creating and sharing content about any and everything on which someone might comment, the actual substance here focuses largely on the intersection of Christianity and society. As someone whose academic training is primarily in the field of history, this includes an examination of that intersection both in the present and in the past.

Beyond this very narrow focus, the materials posted here include quotes from contemporary historians, religious thinkers, and philosophers, comments on news and current events (especially relevant to religion, ethics, or history), reviews and recommendations of a broad scope of literature including some fiction, and original articles on matters of theology, history, philosophy, or ethics. In short, there is much here to interest a diverse demographic, from the political atheist to the history hobbyist to the evangelical collector of inspirational quotes.

But mostly I admit, like any hobbyist blogger must, that what is presented here is a personal archive in a public format, an intellectual diary modified and formatted for respectability. Please engage or ignore it at your leisure.

The version of The Itinerant Mind on WordPress was transferred from and continues beyond the version on Blogger. Consequently, some links may still redirect readers to the Blogger version. I am correcting these links as I find them.

One thought on “About

  1. This is just the sort of blog I’m looking for! History and Christianity–a great combo!

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