God Rigs the Super Bowl!

This is apparently a revelation to CNN, which has reported with some amusement:

Well, according to a new poll, 27% of Americans believe that God “plays a role in determining which team wins” sporting events. That means about 80 million Americans believe that God will help one of the teams in this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

That number actually strikes me as very low. I might be surprised to find that many Americans think God cares about who wins sporting events, but the belief that God is determinative in everything which happens in the world is a venerable old Christian doctrine, particularly in America. Hopefully, that is what people have in mind when they say that God is going to pick the Super Bowl winner. Of course, I could get behind the statement that “it’s clear that God likes certain teams more than others. And God’s favorite — and I know many will hate to hear this — is clearly the New York Yankees.”

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