Yvonne is Headed to the Big Screen

Who can forget Yvonne, the brilliant bovine who just last year daringly and cleverly escaped slaughter, evaded capture, and charmed her way to permanent safety at the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary? I certainly couldn’t, and children everywhere won’t be able to either, once Yvonne’s movie hits theaters:

Now the tale of the runaway cow, who captivated the nation last year when she bolted from her farm to escape slaughter and roamed free in the Bavarian countryside for three months, will provide fodder for a Hollywood animated film.

Cow On The Run, based on the daring dairy cow’s escapades in the wild, will be produced by Munich-based film company Papa Loewe and American film producer Max Howard, whose previous credits include Walt Disney’s The Lion King.

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One thought on “Yvonne is Headed to the Big Screen

  1. […] been following the meteoric rise to fame of Yvonne the Cow from the very beginning, including her movie deal. Now she has been entrusted with the important task of predicting the results of Euro 2012 games: […]

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